NPC lives matter: Tasha

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Essence of the character

Genre where this character fits best

Low Magic Fantasy.

Who to think of

Felicia Day

Fate Core aspects

  • High Concept: “At the core, everybody is good & honest
  • Dilemma: “Everyone deserves a second chance”
  • Aspect 1: “First, lets talk”
  • Aspect 2: “Freedom and adventure far, far away”
  • Aspect 3: “On the search for auntie Khouloud

Type of NPC

neutral. possible contact for the PCs or quest giver. damsel in distress.

Further notes


  • Race: Human
  • Gender: female
  • Languages: Common, Human, dabbling in a few other languages

    • Dialects: no accent
  • Origin: not far away from home (unfortunately)
  • Occupation: dabbling here and there, looking for the next challenge, but didnt hold a job for more than 6 months


  • First Impression:
    • friendly
    • talkative
  • Appearance:
    • fashionable
    • attractive
  • Relationship with PCs: not met yet, but potentially a friend
  • Behaviour:
    • naive, due to lack of experience
    • open minded
    • always finded the good aspect in a dire situation

For later use

  • Equipment:
    • nothing worth mentioning
  • Married / Children:
    • nope
  • Relationship to other NPCs:
    • Searching for auntie Khouloud, the alchimist
    • On the way to Zandro, the mage, a colleague of aunt Khouloud, asking the whereabouts of her
  • Agenda:
    • finding her aunt
    • adventures far away from home (where it is boring)


With her 21 years of age, Tasha ran away from home to escape the boring life of a boring housewife, which was planned for her by the family. Aunt Khouloud, her childhood heroine, went missing 6 months ago, so Tasha took it upon herself to search for her (actually Khouloud went on an expedition which was planned about 3 to 6 months, so it might be that Khouloud is back any day, so basically searching for Khouloud is nothing more than an excuse).

First step in her journey is the famous elven mage Zandro, who is an old friend of aunt Khouloud and a fellow alchimist. Problem is, how to get there. Zandro lives, for reasons only known to himself, in Jadaan, the City of Pirates. It took quite a while to find a ship captain who would take her there, but finally she was on her way.

On the way to Jadaan, the ship got into a storm and went off course. When the weather cleared, a pirate ship spotted some prey. During the struggle, Tasha decided it was best to not be on board when the terrible pirates won the battle, so she jumped over board and swam to the next island.

Arrived on a apparently deserted island, she tried to find a way to construct a boat or signal for help. Unfortunately the island was not deserted, but inhabited by a tribe of intelligent lizardpeople who liked their food to be intelligent as well. And by all her faults, Tasha was never dumb. She ran…


How to get the PCs cross path with her

  • Trouble is always on the lookout for Tasha, so the PCs might meet her, when someone is chasing her (or trying to make her their meal)
  • Tasha is on the search for her aunt, so she might ask the PCs to help her looking for Khouloud (convincingly promising riches, that she does not have)
  • If PCs do not like to work in advance, she might ask them to help her find the mage Zandro, he might have a job for them, or at least he may give them magical advice (with this option in mind she would ask the PCs what they are currently looking for and then assure them, that the mage probably has this anyway…)
  • Krikrak could have captured her and tries to make her the main course in his next meal


System: Hackmaster, 5th edition

Tasha's Stats

Rogue, Level 2dagger, 1 handed
Speed: 5Attack: +1Ini: +5
Defense: -4no ShieldDamage Reduction: 0
Reach: 1'Damage: 2d4p-1Top/save: 8 / 5
HP: 22Move: human
Dodge: +3Mental: +1Physical: +2
STR 8.52, INT 14.01, WIS 8.26, DEX 10.04, CON 10.59, LKS 15.56, CHA 14.21
Quirks/Flaws: Chatterbox, Selfish, Blunderer
Notable Skills: Acting 26, Arcane Lore 46, Appraisal: anything 33, Botany 22, Current Affairs 26, Disguise 32, Diplomacy 34, Distraction 29, Fast Talking 44, Fire Building 12, Gambling 13, Glean Information 32, Listening 15, Observation 12, Oration 19, Persuasion 45, Reading Lips 33, Resist Persuasion 31, Salesmanship 30, Scrutiny 12, Seduction 37, Skilled Liar 49, Survival: Urban 18, Swimming 42
Proficiencies: light armor, dagger,
Talent: no accent, backstab, Luck 13, Rearward Strike
Languages: Forcuran 51 (read/write 31) , Lower elven 26 (read/write 17), Higher elven 19 (read/write 17), dwarven 20, goblin 21, orc 17
Equipment: nothing worth noting... oh... yes... this dagger... where does this come from?



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