NPC lives matter: Krikrak

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Essence of the character

Genre where this character fits best

Low Magic Fantasy.

Who to think of

Barty Crouch Jr. as a full grown lizard

Fate Core aspects

  • High Concept: “I. Am. The. Witchdoctor.
  • Dilemma: “I am a slow learner”
  • Aspect 1: “The tribe is listening to me, actually”
  • Aspect 2: “Enemies are the best food”
  • Aspect 3: “Dying is for others”

Type of NPC

Villain. Could be a neutral contact at first, until he sees something the PCs have and he wants.

Further notes


  • Race: Lizardfolk
  • Gender: male
  • Languages: Lizard, broken common
  • Origin: some backwater place in a jungle far away from every major city or an island far away from civilisation
  • Occupation: shaman of his tribe


  • First Impression:
    • aggressive
    • greedy
  • Appearance:
    • elegant cloths… for a savage
    • why is he always smiling?
  • Relationship with PCs: good, if they give him all he wants
  • Behaviour:
    • staying away from combat
    • getting angry quickly
    • arrogant

For later use

  • Equipment:
    • magical axe (Wand of projectiles (7 charges))
    • Wrap of protection
    • thick robes, dagger
    • a few gemstones
  • Married / Children:
    • they dont talk about that with outsiders
  • Relationship to other NPCs:
    • got into fight with Robar, the leader of a neighboring tribe, nearly thrown both tribes into a war
    • caught Tasha when she stumbled into the territory of his tribe, probably going to start a feast with her as the main course
  • Agenda:
    • learning new spells, even if slowly
    • aquiring power to maintain the status and maybe expanding to get rid of this pesky tribe leader of his own tribe


Krikrak grew up in a world where magic was unknown or belonged to the clerics who carried out the will of their respective deity. The young Krikrak was not very religious. Not because he denied the existence of the gods, but rather he believed that the gods have no right to meddle in the matters of mortals.

In his early years Krikrak developed the ambition to become a magic user. He saw magic users come into the territory of his tribe and some of them demonstrated great power. So great that noone wanted to stand in their way and this is what was so appealing to him. A few of those magic users stayed for a while and told the story of a mystical place nearby. Those mages pilgrimaged to this place, because of the concentration and intensity of magical energies on the mountain top near Krikraks village.

Krikrak became jealous of mages in general and started a collect followers who thought in a similar way. His gang kidnapped some mages and forced them to tell them their secret, before killing them. One mage managed to flee to the mystical place but Krikraks gang finally caught up and slew him. Then something strange happened, the magical energies imbewed Krikrak with power. Magical power. From this point on, he was able to cast magical spells. He tried learning more than a single illusion spell, but he failed for more than a decade.

After this incident the mages stopped coming and apparently declared the area as a quarantine zone for magic users. Krikrak couldnt leave, because he feared, that his magical powers depended on the proximity to that mystical place, where he first received his power.

Then one day the neighboring tribe led by Robar, the Strong, found a stranger in their territory, claiming that he was attacked by bandits. Rumors are sometimes faster than a hunted fox, so Krikrak heard about the strange powers of this newcomer and decided to capture him at all costs.

His kidnap troup succeeded, but led to tension between the two tribes and an exchange of loud arguments and some outbreaks of violence.

Krikrak didnt care about politics, he just wanted to force this stranger to give him all the power and maybe experiment if killing the mage at the mystical place would give him even more power.

The stranger did not survive for long, after all, he was an academic. Krikrak found several interesting objects in his posession: a wand of projectiles, that would produce any kind of projectiles (sling bullets, javelins, throwing axes) and always hit the intended target at will and a protective magical wrap, that was very fashionable (for his taste). Further the magic user had in his posession a detailed description of spells unknown to him. Slowly he learned one spell after another. Still he is not sure if killing a mage at the mystical site up in the mountains would give him even more powers. If another mage is coming his way he will surely try his best to find a suitable sacrifice.

How to get the PCs cross path with him

  • If your PCs have a major magical artifact, that’s what he wants
  • your PCs look tasty, mhmmm….
  • your PCs search for a missing mage
  • If your group has a magic user, he might get kidnapped to be sacrificed…


System: Hackmaster, 5th edition

Krikraks's Stats

Wizard, Level 3dagger, 1 handed
Speed: 6Attack: +2Ini: +4
Defense: -4no ShieldDamage Reduction: 1 + d4p (35)
Reach: 1'Damage: 2d4p+1Top/save: 10 / 5
HP: 24Move: human
Dodge: +4Mental: +4Physical: +4
STR 13.91, INT 10.09, WIS 13.82, DEX 13.55, CON 5.54, LKS 9.81, CHA 12.38
Quirks/Flaws: greedy, chisler
Notable Skills: Arcane Lore 12, ...
Proficiencies: magical transcription, dagger,
Languages: lizard 65 (read/write 18) , Forcuran 15 (read/write 12)
Equipment: Wand of Projectiles (7 charges left), Wrap of Protection (35 HPs), lucky gold coin, 13 silver
Spells: Illusory Mural, Yudders Whistle of Hells Gate, Magic Shield, Cheetah Speed



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