Where did i land now?!

Welcome, friend.

This blog is about pen & paper role playing games and the stories coming out of these games. Good stories, naturally. So… you could say, it’s about telling simply good stories (translation from the name of the website. look it up. That’s the joke, you know. Really, we should get a domain name in english…)

This page is still under construction. If you feel something is missing, there is a reason for that. Mainly, that the author of this webpage is fighting with functionalities of building a webpage. Come back in a few weeks.

What will you find here?

As time progresses, we will translate all the entries into english, but that might take a while. It is planned to have a game masters workshop, where we will present tips and tricks for novice game masters and perhaps one or the other veteran might find something useful here. Further entries will be stories from the gaming table, adventure ideas or reviews of role playing game systems. Also we will have a short story area. Newbies might find something about what a rpg actually is.

We have a youtube channel, but currently all our videos are made in german. Later on it is planned to create some content in english, as well.

Stay turned!