About us…

Who we are …

We, who are Micha, Sebastian, Guido, Anke and Marcel, have been playing Pen & Paper Role-playing games (the uninformed reader may have a look here) for quite a while and now want to tell the public about our hobby.

The Role-playing community in Germany and especially in Berlin is still  expandable and maybe we can take this in the right direction through this small, silly website.

The idea for this arose in the course of an elongated discussion between Sebastian and Marcel, who constantly presented each other their new ideas on the topic of Role-playing games but never wrote them down or polished them properly.

So in Autumn 2017 Micha was conscripted as the technician, Anke as all-round talent and Guido as another idea smith, all of whom we already knew from our regular Role-playing games and were easy to get excited about.

So that the inclined reader can get to know us even better, we came up with a small Collection of Questions that we answered each other.

What we do

At the moment, we are focusing on the video format Dice, Pen & Paper, which the interested can take a closer look at here. At the moment we are still running games in german only. This may change in the future.

We plan to expand this even further by launching a Role-playing Blog here, with categories such as: Stories from the Game table, Tips for Game Masters, an introduction to the World of Role-playing, Reviews of role-playing systems and much more.

The whole thing is expanded depending on how much time we find and how it will be received by the interested reader. That’s YOU!

What we want

We are currently playing Still with a range of ideas on different video formats. E.g. Brambling instead of Googling, i.e. answering questions of the time in a nostalgic way, namely through the power of dangerous semi-knowledge, rather than the boring&easy way and looking it up on the Internet.

Or we test a number of role-playing systems in a series of Youtube episodes. Or we make a podcast about stories from the game table, where, similar to an audiobook with different voices, we retell the role-playing sessions from longest forgotten Times. Or, or, or …

In any Case, we are just learning a lot about shooting and editing videos and what to keep in mind when doing so. In order to get even better, we need constructive criticism and suggestions from you.

Maybe there will be a few more experience reports, but probably only after inquiries from interested readers/viewers.

We are usually not only interested in what to improve, but also in how to improve it. If you notice anything, please tell us modestly by writing to us einfachgutegeschichten@gmail.com.