NPC lives matter: Ravok

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Essence of the character

Genre where this character fits best

Low Magic Fantasy. Somewhere in the wild. Possibly a pirate campaign.

Who to think of

Francis” from Deadpool (2016)

Fate Core aspects

  • High Concept: “I’d do anything if the price is right
  • Dilemma: “Quick-tempered”
  • Aspect 1: “Pain is a great teacher”
  • Aspect 2: “You gotta earn my respect!”
  • Aspect 3: “I will have fun torturing you”

Type of NPC

Villain. Plain and simple.

Further notes


  • Race: Gnoll
  • Gender: male
  • Languages: Gnoll language, common, kobold
  • Origin: Nobleman in gnoll society (of course, in concordance with gnoll standards, he killed a nobleman an adopted his status)
  • Occupation: Slavetrader, nobleman


  • First Impression:
    • Tough looking
    • Murder in his eyes
  • Appearance:
    • Dressed to impress (or more accurate: to intimidate)
    • Makes an effort to look always clean… afterwards
  • Relationship with PCs: If they are in the way, the won’t be for long
  • Behaviour:
    • I am the boss!
    • Kill first, ask questions later (may be)
    • Impatient

For later use

  • Equipment:
    • The Undead Slapper (Mace with combat bonusses to fight the undead)
    • Platemail
    • Throwing Axe
    • Map to treasure island
  • Married / Children:
    • Not to his knowledge
  • Relationship to other NPCs:
    • The human Robar is cooperative for now, but Ravok knows this one is planning to attack him somehow. If he smells an ambush, Robar will pay dearly.
  • Agenda:
    • Slavery is profitable, let’s expand
    • The treasure of the Ancient Ones needs to be found


As a young one Ravok was very ambitious. As soon as he learned the rules of ascension into the rank of a noble gnoll, he challenged the first gnoll nobleman he could find and killed him in a very short fight. With the ressources of this noblemans wealth he searched for new opportunities to prove himself and soon he found a new purpose: The treasure of the Ancient Ones.

Ravok learned about a long forgotten nation of great magicians and engineers. Somehow their culture and accomplishments were lost to time, but remnants of these achievements made their impact onto gnoll society in the form of powerful magical artifacts.

Ravok soon learned of an island the Ancient Ones called their home. After some investigation he stumbled upon the buried entrance to a seemingly intact outpost of the Ancient Ones. The excavation started.

The problems with an excavation of this magnitude are twofold: money and workers. So Ravok decided to go into the business of slave hunting. This way he could hit two birds with one stone. He would get the workers digging for his treasure and surplus prisoners could be sold on a slave market to buy new equipment and food. A win-win situation… for him.

How to get the PCs cross path with him

  • The PCs are on the search for a missing person, kidnapped by Ravok
  • The PCs are searching for the treasure of the Ancient Ones themselves
  • The PCs look like good workers, or at least they could bring a good price


System: Hackmaster, 5th edition

Ravok's Stats

Gnoll leaderUndead Slapper, 1handed
Speed: 10Attack: ++6Ini: +4
Defense: -8no ShieldDamage Reduction: 8
Reach: 4'Damage: 2d8p+4Top/save-d12p: 19/ d12p(7)
HP: 46Move: human
Dodge: +5Mental: +2Physical: +6
Quirks/Flaws: Quick-Tempered
Notable Skills: Observation 33
Proficiencies: all armors, shield, bare-handed, mace, Throwing Axe
Talent: Tough as Nails (d12p as Top check),
Languages: Gnoll 78(read/write 12), Forcuran 33
Equipment: Undead slapper, platemail, Throwing Axe, minor healing potion (in the handle of the mace)



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