NPC lives matter: Robar

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Essence of the character

Genre where this character fits best

Low Magic Fantasy. Somewhere in the wild.

Who to think of

a benevolent version of Michael Clarke Duncan’s Kingpin from Daredevil (2003)

Fate Core aspects

  • High Concept: “My People, my island.
  • Dilemma: “My family was kidnapped”
  • Aspect 1: “Live & let live”
  • Aspect 2: “The vulcan god must be soothed”
  • Aspect 3: “The dragon marked me”

Type of NPC

Neutral, potentially a powerful ally. If they prove themselves to be powerful, that is.

Further notes


  • Race: Human
  • Gender: male
  • Languages: his tribes language, started to learn common, speaks broken lizard tongue
  • Origin: somewhere in the jungle far away from major cities
  • Occupation: leader of his tribe


  • First Impression:
    • charismatic
    • muscular
  • Appearance:
    • big collar underlying his status
    • serious
  • Relationship with PCs: careful at first. If they prove to be powerful, he might contact them after observing them for a while.
  • Behaviour:
    • careful
    • tactician
    • teamplayer, as long as other do what he wants

For later use

  • Equipment:
    • Quarterstaff
    • Hide Armor
    • Collar of the tribe leader
  • Married / Children:
    • yes, but they got taken by Ravok and his pirate lackeys
  • Relationship to other NPCs:
    • got into fight with Krikrak, the shaman of a neighboring tribe, nearly thrown both tribes into a war
  • Agenda:
    • find allies against Ravok and the pirates
    • get his family back
    • teach that bastard Krikrak a lesson


Robar was trained to be tribe leader from early on. The tribe shaman predicted Robar to be a great leader, so he was trained for that one goal. His tribe was the only important thing in his whole universe.

Robar is a fairly religious person. He knows how to soothe the god residing in the vulcan above the village, he knows what angers the vulcan god. He respects the vulcan god as an ant respects the elephant and tries not to be in the elephants way. Because the elephant only notices the ant, if the ant is annoying the elephant. And this particular ant doesnt want to be noticed by this particular elephant.

A fey dragon lives nearby Robars village. The dragon usually doesn’t like intruders into his territorry, but for unknown reasons the dragon makes an exception for Robar.

A few months back a group of gnoll slavers raided his village and kidnapped some people. Among the first were his own family, his wife Merda and his son Bargo. He was torn apart between protecting his tribe and saving his family, but he stayed and held the tribe together as best as he can. The slavers came again and again every full moon like clockwork. He rallied his people against them, but the slavers were just too strong and too well armed. Everytime they took a few prisoners more. These days the tribe is on the brink of collapse: Only the too young and the too old are left – and him.

As soon as he has a clue where to find his family and the other lost tribe members and knows the tribe to be save from extinction, he will try and rescue them.

One day Robar and a few children old enough to accompany him on a hunt discovered an unconscious stranger near their hunting ground. When he woke up, he claimed he was attacked by bandits, so Robar took him in and tended to his wounds. The stranger claimed to be a wizard and promised Robar to help with his current problems if he was granted board and lodging. Robar agreed.

As if this weren’t enough the neighboring tribe of lizard folk under the lead of Krikrak started to probe Robars patience. They raided Robars village every once in a while, enough to deplete the ressources of Robars tribe even more. When Krikrak learned of the wizard in Robars care, he planned to kidnap the wizard. Unfortunately, the wizard parished during the attempt to kidnap him.

Robar is desperate to find allies to help him in his fight against the slavers. He will do almost anything, if someone powerful approaches him and offers help. He is thinking about laying a trap for the slavers next time they raid his home. May be the dragon wants some new toys…?

How to get the PCs cross path with him

  • if the PCs are on their way through the jungle, he might approach them, if they proved themselves against a powerful opponent / random encounter
  • the PCs are on the hunt for a dragon, he approaches them and warns about the dangers of hunting a dragon
  • The PCs are searching for an ancient mystic place, he can lead them to it (he has a map from the wizard who stayed for a while), but first he asks to help him
  • The PCs are hired to rescue a wizard or at least get a particular interesting magical artifact the wizard had in his posession


System: Hackmaster, 5th edition

Robar's Stats

Man-At-Armsstaff, 2 handed
Speed: 12Attack: +2Ini: +5
Defense: +/-02handed WeaponDamage Reduction: 3
Reach: 8'Damage: 2d4p+5Top/save: 13 / 9
HP: 32Move: human
Dodge: +2Mental: +1Physical: +2
Notable Skills: Listening 20, Observation 20, Recruiting 30
Equipment: Staff, Studded Leather Armor, Healing Ointment (8 appliances)



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