Pen & Paper Roleplaying Game

What am I going to find here?

The plan is to publish all the content we developed during game sessions of the past. That include sharing stories from our gaming table and some ideas for veteran Game Masters and new ones as well in the GameMasters Workshop. We play mostly Earthdawn and Hackmaster, which will be reviewed for the interested reader as soon as we find the time.


Stories from the Gaming Table

Anyone who has ever been allowed to attend a role-playing session knows that sometimes, not to say often, very exciting stories can occur. Unfortunately, these stories often have a habit to be out of context and therefore to be less exciting for a third party listener and reader. But we believe it to be possible to present such stories in a proper and understandable manner.

This section is supposed to tell some beautiful stories from our games, maybe a whole series will also be created. As a Long-time role player, we have enough material for storytelling.

Game Masters Workshop

Every Game Master sometimes needs a source for new ideas or support in coping with the Game Masters immense list of tasks, especially during long-running story arcs.

Here we want to present a few ideas that might resonate with one or the other in order not to forget about the fun of Gamemastering. And yes, that can happen sometimes. Burnout happens to Game Masters more often than not. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the game.

The Game Must Go On!