NPC lives matter: Siegfried “Bane” of Storkenest

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Essence of the character

Genre where this character fits best

Low Magic Fantasy. Fits best in a pirate campaign.

Who to think of

An evil human version of Grog Strongjaw.

Fate Core aspects

  • High Concept: “You’re either with me or against me”
  • Dilemma: “I have no heir.”
  • Aspect 1: “The weak must perish.”
  • Aspect 2: “The magical potion is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness.”
  • Aspect 3: “I know there is a faster way to accomplish this.”

Type of NPC

Villain. This character will ignore the PCs until they prove to be either useful or are in the way.

Further notes


  • Race: Human
  • Gender: male
  • Languages: Common, Human
    • Dialects: one of the PCs origin town
  • Origin: PCs homeland
  • Occupation: Ex-Soldier turned privateer


  • First Impression:
    • grimly,
    • overconfident,
    • dominant
  • Appearance:
    • scar on the side of the face
    • well-dressed
    • high quality equipment
    • well-used sword
  • Relationship with PCs: not met yet
  • Behaviour:
    • used to being the authority
    • aggressive
    • impatient

For later use

  • Equipment:
    • The Potion of Incredible Constitution and Terrifying Withering
    • high quality scimitar
    • high qualitiy leather armor
  • Married / Children:
    • not married, once engaged, but that was another life time
    • son is missing, presumed dead
  • Relationship to other NPCs:
    • on the hunt for Girion, the dwarf, who knows my secret
  • Agenda:
    • I want to retain the power the magical potion gave me, but without the side effects
    • On my island i am the king. Recently factions of several nations take an interest in my territory. I need to teach them a lesson.


18 years ago Siegfried of Storkenest was a young soldier in the army. He was a noble, serving his kingdom as an officer as nobles do. He was on patrol with his unit, when a magical explosion killed everyone but him. He was in bad shape and would soon die, but found the strength to crawl away from the danger zone.

The reason for the explosion was an emergency teleport of a mage, who escaped certain death of an underground compound. A magical experiment had ended in catastrophe and the mage didn’t have the time to execute his teleportation properly.

The mage found Siegfried in his near death state and revived him with a potion of his own making: “The Potion of Incredible Constitution and Terrifying Withering” (aka. PoICaTW). The positive effects include rapid regeneration(death is possible, but even mortal wounds heal in mere seconds), very high resistance against poison and heightened strength for several hours. Immediate negative effects come when after the effects wear off: nausea, shivering and a general fatigue. The body is addicted instantly and long term ill effects may include loss of sight or loss of hearing or epilepsy. Psychlogical ill effects may include developing of phobias, claustrophobia or as in the case of Siegfried: the lust for killing.

The potion saved the life of Siegfried, but the cost was his morale compass. His strength and constitution was great, the only sign of the incident was one big scar that didn’t heal quite right. But his increasing agressiveness cost him his engagement, due to some “accidents”. He had to leave his home land and after some time, he reached the ocean.

He discovered that in certain circles (criminal circles) his aggressiveness and impatience was met with obedience and when he was part of a revolting ship crew he was “elected” captain on the spot.

Over the next years he managed to extend his influence over his chosen part of the world. His ruthlessness, aggressiveness and impatience got him the nick name “Bane of the sea” or short “Bane” (because who has time to shout his full name while running away as fast as one can?).

A few years back he attempted to take over a whole city-state, where he was wounded mortally several times. But thanks to the recipe of the potion, the mage provided him with, those wounds closed real fast. After this event, he received the was called “The Unkillable” and his legend grew, even though the coup failed.

Later he found an island where he was accepted as leader. This was mainly because the residents of that particular island feared invasion of a seafaring nation of orcs who had invaded their island several times already. With “Bane” as their new protector the tides had turned. After some hard battles, he drove the orcs back and won the loyalty of his subjects.

The sea orcs are still a threat in the present day, but Bane has some ideas how to deal with them. For now, he agreed to a truce. In secret, however, he plans to attack them as soon as a opportunity arises.

The ingredients of his potion are rare. His current supplier has failed to deliver in months now and Banes stock is nearing its end. Unfortunately the supply is blocked due to some civil war in a neighboring state. His approach is currently to support one side in exchange for the ingredients for his potion.

But his secret plan is to bait the sea orcs into attacking the other side and deal with the survivors. Maybe kidnapping some plague-stricken people and put them in the way of the orcs.

Another thing he wants to get rid of are the side effects of the potion. He is currently seeking advice discretely (which means, of course, kidnapping some poor alchimist and forcing him or her to work on that non-stop). So far three dead alchimists and no luck. His subjects will get to feel the consequences of his mood, sooner or later. If that will affect their loyalty, time will tell.

How to get the PCs cross path with him

  • Alchimist escapes the first kidnapping attempt and runs into the party / familiy member hires the PCs to rescue kidnapped alchimist
  • The PCs follow a treasure map to Banes Island
  • Enemy nation hires the PCs to get rid of him
  • A bounty is on his head
  • One of your PCs is the long lost son of Bane


System: Hackmaster 5th edition

Bane's Stats (under the influence of PoICaTW)

Fighter, Lvl 10Scimitar, 1handed
Speed: 3Attack: +12 (+13)Ini: +2
Defense: -1no ShieldDamage Reduction: 6
Reach: 3'Damage: 2d8p+6 (+7)Top/save-d12p: 30 / 6 (35 / 11)
HP: 60 (70)Move: human
Dodge: +10Mental: +10Physical: +11 (+16)
STR 14.10, INT 14.34, WIS 10.37, DEX 14.11, CON 12.10, LKS 10.01, CHA 10.77
Quirks/Flaws: HackLust (PHB p. 131), Facial Scar (PHB p. 138)
Notable Skills: Appraisal: Arms&Weaponry 42, Boating 33, Climbing 42, Current Affairs 27, Cartography 26, Direction Sense 35, Geology 19, Glean Information 12, Intimidation 43, Mining 18, Observation 32, Swimming 30, Recruiting 28, Resist Persuasion 31, Weather Sense 13
Proficiencies: all armors, shield, bare-handed, club, scimitar, longsword, hiking/roadmarching, laborer, phalanx fighting, Throwing Knives,
Talent: Tough as Nails (d12p as Top check),
Languages: Haagan 68(read/write 32), Forcuran 28 (read/write 29)
Equipment: Scimitar+3, Ringmail+2, Minor Healing Potion, Potion of Giantism, Potion of Incredible Constitution and Terrible Withering (PoICaTW: Regeneration 1 / 5s)

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